• Film: Free Lunch Society
    Komm Komm Grundeinkommen

    Friday, 11.08.2017
    10 p.m., Planke Nord Mainz

    German pre-peak

  • What would you do if your income would be taken care of?

    Christian Tod starts his travel around the world to get diverse and contradicting testimonials about the concept of unconditional basic income. Unconditional basic income: an idea which seemed to be radical just a few years ago but is now presentable. In continuing debates and discussions this idea is discussed in politics, economics and philosophy. Others are opposed to a very overdue concept. Like in a road movie, the documentary FREE LUNCH SOCIETY travels around the world and dives into the deep complex topic. It brings up many different voices and helps to realize how loaded this topic is with taboos and prejudice.


    This evening it’s the movies premier in Germany.

    In presence of the director Christian Tod and the main character Daniel Häni.


    "Der Film besitzt das Potential, die Einstellungen von Menschen zu hinterfragen, um ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen denken zu lernen."

    Klaus Kofler, Zukunftsforscher


    director: Christian Tod

    country: Austria/Germany

    Language: German/Englisch

    German Pre-peak

    Year: 2017

    length: 95min

  • Reflecta Filmfestival


    Planke Nord, Mainz
    11.-13. August 2017