Reflecta Filmfestival

    Friday, 11.08.2017 - 8.30 p.m. Uhr

    Planke Nord, Mainz

  • „It’s hard to find the right words for the following band. The question is, if words are even enough to express what MY FRIEND THE IMMIGRANT is able to create with their music. You can sense that these four brothers (yes, right!) are soul mates. They just perfectly match each other from a musical perspective. Compositionally they are on the rim of dynamic perfection. Sound wise even the littlest teeth intertwine perfectly, which creates an incomparable Alternative Indie, that reaches far beyond a simple genre description. Pushing, absolutely grooving bases together with the drums form the perfect ground for minimalistic sound, but on point elaborate guitar, which is supported by glorious key-areas and melodies. How the voices, that are lying above all of this, complement each other can only be explained by their blood brotherhood. Those guys know how to make darn good music. There is no doubt.“


    Richard Sänger // Jury-Mitglied // SPH Bandcontest

  • Video von Daniel Sax

  • The band

    Jonathan Stöbener

    Vox, Drums

    Christoph Stöbener

    Vox, Keys, Bass, Brass

    Johannes Stöbener

    Guitar, Bass

    David Stöbener

    Vox, Bass, Guitar, Keys

    Rinat Rashapov

    Guitar, Percussion

  • Reflecta Filmfestival


    Planke Nord, Mainz
    11.-13. August 2017